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Bosses of Elenia[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type HP Aggro Element Race Location Respawn time
Ancient Treant Boss 3466000 Aggressive Earth Plant Catalania
Edward Boss 11457000 Aggressive Neutral Mechanism Puppet Master’s Mansion, Floor 2
Forest Shaman Evil.png
Dark Shaman Boss 44500 Aggressive Neutral Humanoid Elgore
Destructor Boss 8655000 Aggressive Fire Mechanism Mara Desert
Rat Boss.png
Rat Queen Boss 576000 Aggressive Neutral Monster Catacombs 3rd Floor
Spider Boss.png
Archon Boss 4363000 Aggressive Poison Insect Interfluve
Tortolla Boss.png
Giant Tortolla Boss 11094000 Aggressive Earth Plant Trogul
Beastbane Boss 24657500 Aggressive Neutral Plant Mooshroom